Flame Lamination Products | Australian Foam Laminators
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Flame lamination is extremely versatile, with an infinite range of applications. Australian Foam Laminators are constantly evolving technological applications of the flame lamination process.

From car seats to shoe insoles, composite materials created through flame lamination are as varied as they are numerous. Automotive soft trim interior materials such as automotive headliner, seating, and door panel applications are largely derived from composite materials flame laminated. Orthopedic braces, sound attenuation materials, footwear components, and many other composite materials are the result of the flame lamination process.

Used most often in conjunction with open-cell polyurethane foams, including both polyester and polyether, flame laminating applies flawlessly to numerous soft goods applications, such as orthopaedic padding, thermal insulation components, acoustic insulation products and automotive interior components.

Industries Served:


  • Automotive Seating
  • Automotive Head Liner
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Military
  • Garments
  • Sports and Gymnastics
  • Insulation

Possible Laminations:


  • Polyurethanes to Fabric
  • Polyurethanes to Vinyl
  • Polyethylene to Foam to Foam to build up thickness
  • Polyethylene to foam to foam
  • Geonet to Geotextiles

There are a variety of applications for our lamination services including:


  • car seat cover manufacturing
  • motor trimming upholstery
  • acoustic barrier production
  • office partitioning
  • drapery
  • bedding

Contact us today to discuss whether flame lamination is the best option for your product. We work under an ISO standard and have experts on staff that will consult with you on materials and other aspects of your project.